Professional Services

GTW is committed to providing the highest quality of services and support, including the following areas of expertise:

  • Professional and Allied Healthcare Staffing Solutions
  • Scientific and Technical Support Services
  • Administrative Support Services
  • Logistics & Facility Support Services
  • Program Management and Management Support



 GTW has subject matter experts in every clinical and operational area of the health care delivery system. Our strategies and services support senior medical leadership in optimizing their mission-serving capabilities and in becoming more responsive to their customers.

We believe that there are four (4) compelling reasons the government should consider GTW, above all other options, to meet current and future outsourced personnel contracting needs. These four reasons are:

1. Having a niche as a highly successful 8(a) with the size, scope, and speed to respond to any requirement, to get it off the ground quickly and seamlessly. We have the financial backing of $150+ million dollars and large corporate competitive services and benefits giving us the financial and core business strength to take on any size opportunity from the smallest to the largest immediately.

2. GTW has the staff experience and depth of resources to significantly mitigate any risks that may emanate from any requirement. We know our customer’s needs and implement quick, efficient, and seamless support on each and every task.

3. GTW ‘s #1 priority is customer service, supported by extensive staff expertise, and highly developed seamless transitional business practices that are second to none. We work each and every day to ensure that our mission is successfully accomplished, and expectations are exceeded from day 1. No matter what day it is, each is as important as the first.

4. Our company has an extensive list of NAICS codes for all types of services with the expertise to find, hire, and retain the best personnel for the specific type of tasks and services needed.